Products Labelled Down: Worksheet

Vest Illustration
  • Dealers may label a plumage product as "down" only if it meets either the generic definition for down or for commercial down. Note that the declaration "down" may not be preceded by words or figures indicating 100% on a plumage product filled with commercial down.
  • Articles labelled as "down" must be accompanied by the statement, "Note: This product contains an amount of feathers not exceeding that allowable by law".
  • At least 90% of the plumage must be from the stated bird of origin.
  • Articles in which the body fill is down but other sections such as sleeves, hood, collar, or pocket are filled with another material that could be mistaken for down, should not be represented as "down-filled". It would be considered false and misleading to represent such a product down-filled unless it is clear that only the body of the garment is down-filled (for example, "down-filled body").
  • Expressions such as "down-like" may be used only if the product does in fact have some of the properties of a down product and it is clearly stated that the fill is not down (for example, "down-like polyester fibrefill").
  • When down or any other fibre which is required to be shown by its generic name is a reclaimed fibre, the word "reclaimed", "reprocessed" or "reused" must be shown immediately preceding the generic name.

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