Products Using Crushed Feathers: Glossary

Products using crushed feathers

Crushed feathers are feathers which have been processed by a curling, crushing or chopping machine which has changed the original form of the feather without removing the quill. Crushed feathers do not come under the definition for residue.

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Stated bird of origin

Whenever a statement as to the bird of origin of down or feathers is made, the plumage must be at least 90% from the stated bird. For example, if a label refers to "duck down", and the product contained is less than 90% duck plumage, it would be considered false and misleading. Further, if a label states "eider duck down", 90% of the plumage must be from the eider duck.

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Words or figures suggesting 100%

It is clearly misleading to label products containing commercial down, commercial waterfowl or commercial landfowl feather as 100%, pure, or all down or feather. In fact, tolerances are permitted due to the practical commercial difficulty of obtaining "pure" down or feathers. Use of these words is therefore prohibited on these products. Only when down or feather meets the generic definition (an unlikely situation) can the modifiers "100%", "pure", or "all" be used.

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