Recognize it!

Here are some facts about fraud in Canada. Through awareness, you can avoid becoming a victim.

  • Thousands of Canadians are defrauded each year. Recognizing fraud is the first step to better protecting yourself.
  • There is no typical fraud victim in Canada. Fraud targets Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life.
  • Fraudsters are creative and well organized.
  • If a fraudster is successful once, they will try to scam you again.

Fraudsters are professional criminals that know what they are doing. Fraudsters rely on some basic techniques to be successful. These include:

  • developing professional-looking marketing materials;
  • providing believable answers for your tough questions;
  • impersonating government agencies, legitimate businesses, websites, charities, and causes;
  • pretending to be your ordinary supplier;
  • hiding the true details in the fine print;
  • preying on areas of vulnerability, including those needing help with loans or finding employment;
  • asking for fees in advance of promised services;
  • threatening legal action to collect on alleged contracts;
  • falsely claiming affiliation with reliable sources, such as legitimate news sites to support their products or services; and
  • exchanging victim lists with other fraudsters.

Recognize scams and protect yourself

Watch out for fraudsters who attempt to reach out to you and then end up taking your money! By increasing your awareness of the vast array of scams, you can learn how to recognize their different forms. Below are examples of common scams:

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