Competition Bureau Publishes Bulletin on Abuse of Dominance in the Telecommunications Industry

Ottawa, June 6, 2008 — The Competition Bureau today published an Information Bulletin on Abuse of Dominance Provisions as applied to the Telecommunications Industry.

This Bulletin outlines how the Bureau would address issues related to anti-competitive conduct in the telecommunications industry under the abuse of dominance provisions of the Competition Act in markets no longer subject to regulation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Since much of the telecommunications industry has been and continues to be deregulated under the Telecommunications Act, the sector is increasingly subject to the Competition Act. Any complaints regarding anti-competitive conduct in deregulated telecommunications markets are now under the purview of the Competition Bureau.

The Bulletin was developed by the Bureau in consultation with the CRTC, and is part of the Bureau's continuing effort to maintain a transparent and predictable enforcement policy. The enforcement approach described in this Bulletin is in line with the Enforcement Guidelines on the Abuse of Dominance Provisions.

The Competition Bureau is an independent agency that contributes to the prosperity of Canadians by protecting and promoting competitive markets and enabling informed consumer choice.

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