Health products

A company, that distributes and sells health products sought a written opinion in February 2009 on whether a proposed multi-level marketing plan raises concerns under the Competition Act. The submission included Health Canada product licence applications and a Health Canada product licence for the products it intends to sell.

The Bureau issues opinions on a case-by-case basis in situations where companies are not operating in all provinces and territories across Canada.

Specifically, the Bureau may satisfy a request for an opinion for a company that is not operating in any of the four following provinces, which require a positive opinion prior to the issuance of a direct sellers licence: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. In this particular case, the company was not operating in any of the aforementioned provinces.

As a result, the Bureau issued an opinion in April 2009, which revealed no issues under sections 55 or 55.1 of the Act.


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