Welcome to the Competition Bureau


Healthy competition: it's a phrase we hear all the time.

But it's more than that -- it's an essential value, an enabling force that creates energy

and innovation. In this vast, diverse nation, the heartbeat

of a healthy economy echoes in every corner, driven by a competitive

environment. A healthy competitive economy increases productivity

and benefits us all with lower prices and more choice.

Canadian innovation -- in a huge variety of sectors - has captured the attention of the

entire world... and beyond! But when competition is unhealthy... dishonest...

illegal... the effects can be devastating for business...

and for Canadian consumers as well. We are the Competition Bureau of Canada.

We are the "watchdog" of competition. We enforce the Competition Act and will not

hesitate to take action when business is NOT carried out in ways that

are truthful, fair and legal. We use a balanced approach to deliver our

mandate through enforcement, advocacy and outreach...and the

lens of the 4 Cs: Canadians -- we advocate for and protect Canadian

consumers and ensure that businesses continue to prosper in a competitive and innovative

marketplace. Compliance -- we take action and work with

our partners to promote compliance so that Canadians are not victimized.

Collaboration -- we work with other agencies and stakeholders

to extend our reach to promote competitiveness and innovation.

Communication -- we tell people about the work that we do so that consumers are informed

and businesses are guided. The Competition Bureau operates at the very

highest standard, with these as our operating principles:

Fairness: striving to strike the right balance between compliance and enforcement

Predictability: providing the right and most timely information about the work that we

do, to inform consumers and to allow business

to take appropriate actions to comply with the Act

Timeliness: Moving quickly and efficiently as we deal with issues affecting Canadians

Transparency: We believe in an open and honest approach to the work of the Bureau,

knowing that we must always be prepared to be judged by the standards we set

Confidentiality: using all possible means to protect confidential or commercially sensitive

information At the Competition Bureau, we will continue

to ensure that Canadian consumers and businesses enjoy the advantages of a competitive, innovative

marketplace and a strong economy, thereby benefitting Canadians with lower prices,

more choice and a better standard of living. To learn more about the Competition Bureau,

visit our website at www.competitionbureau.gc.ca

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