George Addy: Senior partner, Competition & Foreign Investment — Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg


What I took from the last panel discussion was,

that there is a lot of smart people giving a lot of thought

to how to deal with non-price effects in an antitrust analysis.

How to factor those into an analysis and something that I took away from it as well

is a recognition that those issues aren’t easy,

they are complex and that people have to proceed cautiously

because the risks of making a wrong move can be serious.

I think increasingly a larger and larger measure of economic activity is taking place

in non-traditional industries so in the digital space, the internet space.

And the pace of change there is a serious challenge frankly for agencies, policy makers

and governments to deal with because the instrumentalities

for dealing with those things aren’t designed to move at the pace that

a huge chunk of the economy is moving.

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