Investment Scams — A joint presentation


Here they are: the three most dangerous words in the English language:

Get. Rich. Quick. Oh… wait… maybe it’s these three:

Double. Your. Money. Ooops – forgot these ones:

Limited. Time. Offer. These words are the most common signs that

you may be in the presence of investment fraud. They’re empty promises, made by criminals,

preying on your desire to do well with your investments and look after yourself and your

family. And by the way, investment fraud is just as

dangerous whether you’re in your twenties, just starting out in the complex world of

investing… or you’re a senior trying to ensure a comfortable

retirement. Look - when it comes to investing:

Beware – of guaranteed high returns, with little or no risk, hot tips,

high pressure sales tactics, or impossible promises.

Be careful of unsolicited investment opportunities -

these can be offered offered over the phone, through social media, or by text messages

from a stranger. Be diligent – research the opportunity through

credible sources, take your time before saying yes,

and be sure the person or organization approaching you is registered.

The Competition Bureau and the Ontario Securities Commission are working hard

so people like you don't become the victims of fraud.

Oh – three more words. Do. Your. Homework. For more information, visit

and To report a fraud, contact

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