The Competition Bureau's month in review

July 2017
(Vol. 9, No. 7)


First annual review of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

Following up on its commitment to keep pace with innovative markets, the Competition Bureau concluded its first annual review of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines (IPEGs).

As part of its annual process, the Bureau consulted with stakeholders to obtain their perspectives on key developments over the past year related to intellectual property and competition law. The Bureau also took into consideration the current global economic environment as well as the rapid rate of technological change occurring in many industries.

The Bureau has concluded that no changes to the IPEGs are warranted at the present time. The Bureau will continue to conduct annual reviews of the IPEGs to ensure they reflect current enforcement experience, changing circumstances and decisions of the Competition Tribunal and the courts.

The IPEGs, published in March 2016, provide clarification on the Bureau's approach to conducting investigations of alleged anti-competitive activities that relate to intellectual property, making it easier for stakeholders to operate within the law.


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