Innovative methods for detecting cartels: Margarida Matos Rosa


In terms of new methods, what I learned is that algorithms are not any more the privilege of high tech companies. Competition authorities are using them in their day to day activities and they are perfecting them as we speak. They use algorithms to detect suspicious patterns that later can confirm—or not—the collusions that they are looking for.

Access to data is really important so you can have a fully implemented strategy. By that, I mean that you need to have access to a large data set, as large as you can, as historical as you can, so that you can detect full patterns that may be indicating a suspicious pattern.

What we also need to be aware of is that everyone adapts to a new paradigm. Even if we are using algorithms and we are using different and speedier techniques, we also need to know that infringers will adapt over time to our new methods. So we need to remain constantly very vigilant about this as well.

The biggest takeaway for me is that there are several methodologies being deployed in the screening of public procurement data. I am looking forward for my team to work with several of these competition authorities so we that can progress altogether and perfect our screening techniques.

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