Methods and tools for detecting cartels: Marisa Tierno Centella


In all the ICN conferences we attend, along with our discussions with our counterparts from other agencies, we consistently learn about differences between our respective systems. We also learn how to work with those differences. For me, it's very important to have this opportunity to talk with my counterparts in order to communicate how my system is different and what my needs are.

We have just introduced a new tool―the Whistle Blower Tool―which allows those who are aware of cartel activity, including bid-rigging offences, to report it to us anonymously. We can still receive a fax or a letter, but what is special about the new system we've created is that it is possible for us to speak with the person, and follow-up with them, while continuing to protect their anonymity. So, we hope that it will useful not only in letting us know that something might be happening, but also help us secure evidence or other clues that will allow us to pursue an investigation.

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