The role everyone has to play in ensuring compliance with the law: Terry Stechysin


A lot of people think that a compliance program is basically a book that tells you how to do it, has a number of elements in it about the law, and that's pretty much it.

A compliance program is much more than that.

Compliance, from our perspective, stems from the Commissioner's vision of what we call shared compliance. There is a role to play for every player in the economy. Whether that's the enforcer, whether that's the legal community, or whether that's the business community. And something that is very important in this context for this conference—the procurement community. Each one of those groups has a very important role to play in ensuring that Canadians comply with the law.

A tendering authority, to start off with, would be very well placed to speak to the Competition Bureau to get some advice on that. Having a dialogue with the Bureau on what we would consider to be bid rigging, and how to avoid bid rigging in their practices, is incredibly important.

It is also incredibly important that we collaborate with other law enforcers, that we collaborate with other elements of governance, to get our message out and to raise awareness. Once that happens, the business community will inevitably follow suit, because they are the ones who deal with these areas of law as well. Having those outlets for us is incredibly important to reach a very broad audience.

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