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Who we are

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

"Make a difference. Be a leader. Take the challenge. Choose the Competition Bureau."

What we do

Headed by the Commissioner of Competition, the organization investigates anti‑competitive practices and promotes compliance with the Competition Act, Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, Textile Labelling Act and Precious Metals Marking Act.


  • We investigate criminal cases of anti‑competitive conduct, such as price-fixing and bid-rigging.
  • We review mergers and challenge those that could substantially lessen or prevent competition.
  • We investigate civil cases of anti‑competitive conduct, such as abuse of dominance, to prevent firms that dominate a market from engaging in anti‑competitive acts that harm competitors, thereby significantly lessening competition.
  • We investigate fraudulent and deceptive marketing practices under civil and criminal regimes, such as mass marketing fraud, and misleading advertising and labelling.


  • Advocate in favour of greater reliance on market forces.
  • Comment on the role of market forces in sectors regulated by government.
  • Fraud prevention.

Competition Policy and Legislation

  • Promotes competitive prices and choice.
  • Ensures accurate information in the marketplace.
  • Protects small and medium-sized enterprises from anti‑competitive conduct.
  • Provides incentives to business to reduce costs, innovate and actively participate in the global economy.

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Who we are looking for

The Bureau is always looking for bright, energetic and motivated individuals interested in being part of a team that plays a central role in maintaining and promoting competition in the Canadian marketplace.

The Bureau typically hires graduates from the economics, law or business disciplines with the following qualifications:

  • Good analytical thinking skills;
  • Work effectively in a team;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Concern for quality and accuracy;
  • Resourceful, decisive and motivated.

The Bureau is an organization that values diversity in the workforce. We encourage members of designated groups (persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, members of a visible minority, women) to apply and to self-identify.

Working at the Bureau

The Competition Bureau offers challenging careers at the forefront of economics, law and business.

Working at the Bureau is your opportunity to make a difference

Play a role in maintaining and promoting competitiveness in the marketplace. Our new recruits apply their education and skills immediately and are provided with opportunities to take on challenging and meaningful work.

Working at the Bureau is never boring!

When working at the Bureau, there is no typical day. You could:

  • Participate in a trial
  • Participate in a search
  • Talk to Canadians about their concerns
  • Interview the head of a corporation
  • Speak at an international conference
  • Conduct an inspection under one of the labelling statutes
  • Review sensitive business records
  • Assess the competitive impact of a proposed merger
  • Perform economic or legal research
  • Write speaking notes for the Commissioner
  • Draft an affidavit for Superior Court
  • Draft policy or legislation

Working at the Bureau means that you are always learning!

We are committed to the ongoing professional development of our employees. The Bureau offers a development program for Competition Law Officers (at entry level for university recruits) that allows those who successfully complete the program within two years to be promoted automatically. We also offer a full learning program to our employees, from knowledge-based courses, such as industrial organization and law, to practical courses, such as interviewing techniques and effective negotiation. We strive to develop leaders and offer quality leadership training, in lecture format, hands-on training and mentorship.

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Meet some recent recruits

Brendan Campbell, Competition Law Officer, Civil Matters Branch.
Brendan Campbell
Competition Law Officer
Civil Matters Branch

I joined the Competition Bureau last year after completing a Master's degree in Financial Economics from the University of Toronto. Compared to the financial sector jobs chosen by most of my classmates, the Bureau made for an unusual destination. However, I was attracted to the varied work of a Competition Law Officer and the immediate responsibility offered upon arrival.

On any given day I might be deciding upon the merits of a complaint, drafting a written opinion, discussing legal strategy or flying to another city to conduct a round of interviews with market participants. There are very few jobs that invite you to speak with senior executives of major corporations one day and top legal and economic minds the next.

Although I may not directly employ my formal academic training on a day-to-day basis, it is always relevant. I am routinely called upon to review academic literature and comment on the work of potential expert consultants. The critical thinking, analytical skills and economic intuition developed over the course of my studies have proven invaluable. Between the challenge and the variety, I can think of no better place to begin a career.

Trevor Mackay, Competition Law Officer, Mergers Branch.
Trevor Mackay
Competition Law Officer
Mergers Branch

I joined the Mergers Branch in September of 2008 and since then have had the opportunity to be involved in the review of mergers pertaining to a wide variety of industries. Applying the theory learned in school to the analysis of mergers across so many different industries ensures that the work I do here never gets stale and that I am constantly being challenged.

The tight timelines imposed by the merger review process in Canada guarantees that officers in the Mergers Branch perform a rich set of work tasks and develop strong, valuable and transferable skill sets. These time pressures also translate into tremendous opportunity for motivated young officers to push the boundaries of their job descriptions on an almost daily basis.

The absolutely best attribute of the Branch that I feel guarantees new recruits will benefit from their time here is its people. The collection of staff currently calling the Mergers Branch home is a group of highly intelligent and capable individuals. Their commitment to their work strongly contradicts the negative stereotypes often times associated with public service, and their ability to have fun while doing the job makes working here a true pleasure.

Salman Tajammul, Competition Law Officer, Criminal Matters Branch.
Salman Tajammul
Competition Law Officer
Criminal Matters Branch

I joined the Competition Bureau with an Economics background. My work mainly deals with enforcing the criminal provisions of the Competition Act. I am gaining experience doing market analysis, defining product and geographic markets, conducting interviews, executing search warrants and more.

The most interesting part of my job is dealing with complaints as they allow you to research different industries, businesses and markets. I have also been doing policy work on Industrial Organization issues that the Competition Bureau is taking a lead on.

What makes working here so engaging is that no two days and no two cases are the same!

How to Apply

The Competition Bureau is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Please keep an eye on the Public Service Web site for new job opportunities.

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