Textile Labelling

This guide provides an outline to the basic labelling requirements for consumer textile articles subject to the Textile Labelling Act and the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations. The objectives of the Act and the Regulations are to protect consumers against misrepresentation in the labelling and advertising of textile fibre products and to enable consumers to choose textiles on the basis of fibre content.

Unless a consumer textile article is exempt from the labelling requirements of the Act and Regulations, the dealer must ensure that a textile disclosure label meets the criteria detailed in all of the following sections:

The following examples have been provided to illustrate many of the common issues dealing with the declaration of fibre content on a label.

  • Velvet Dress (sections, findings, ornamentation, lining).
  • Stretch Pants (elastic yarn).
  • Jacket (findings, reinforcement yarn, lining, trimming, sections).
  • Sweater (large trimmings, mixed fibres).
  • Sofa (foam laminated fabric).
  • Carpet (pile and backing).

Some dealers may wish to display non-requiredinformation on a textile disclosure label:

Some dealers may be interested in miscellaneous information related to other legislation:

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