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Competition in the Construction Industry

The Competition Bureau is helping to educate businesses on how to identify cartel activities with new informative videos and web pages to mark its second annual Anti-cartel Day. Entitled Competition in the Construction Industry, the new web pages focus on this sector because it is particularly susceptible to cartel activity.

The Little Black Book of Scams

The Little Black Book of Scams

The Canadian edition of The Little Black Book of Scams is a helpful resource full of information on how to avoid being caught up in a scam and on how to report fraud to the appropriate authorities.

Corporate Compliance Programs

The best way for businesses to ensure they play by the rules and steer clear of anti‑competitive behaviour is to put in place a credible and effective corporate compliance program.

The Competition Advocate: Taxi industry’s emerging digital dispatch services

The Competition Bureau recently launched a new publication entitled The Competition Advocate, which will be published periodically. This short commentary will offer the Bureau’s views on industries that may benefit from increased competition. The first issue of The Competition Advocate is focused on the taxi industry’s digital dispatch services.


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