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Certificate of Independent Bid Determination: A tool to protect the bidding process

The Certificate of Independent Bid Determination is designed to help purchasing authorities when calling for bids, tenders or quotations.

Specifically, the certificate requires a bidding company to confirm that its bid has been prepared independently, without consultation with any competitor (for example, regarding prices or project specifications). Or, if the bidder is involved in an agreement or arrangement (for example, a joint venture), the certificate requires the bidder to disclose complete details of the arrangement when submitting the certificate.

By requiring suppliers to sign a statement confirming they have not communicated with or made arrangements with other bidders, the certificate helps to deter bid rigging. In addition, in the event a supplier is charged with an offence under the Competition Act, the certificate can also facilitate prosecution. Of course, it does not guarantee that bid-rigging will be eliminated or that all offenders will be successfully apprehended and prosecuted.

If you are a purchasing authority, you are encouraged to use this document when buying goods or services through a competitive process.

If you are a bidder, you can use the certificate if a purchasing authority has asked you to confirm in writing that your bid was developed independently from your competitors.

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