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Labelling of Fabric Sold at Retail

Enforcement guidelines

May 1996

Required label information

1. Fibre content

A declaration of fibre content is required. It can be shown either:

For each fibre present, in an amount of 5% or more, show the generic fibre name and its amount as a percentage of the total fibre weight. List the fibres in descending order by weight, or, use a pre‑ printed label which lists the generic names alphabetically, with space provided to insert the percentage. The fibre content information is required to be bilingual unless sold in an area where only one official language is used in consumer transactions.


68% Wool / Laine
24% Polyester / Polyester
8% Acrylic / Acrylique


Acetate ___ % Acétate
Acrylic 8% Acrylique
Cotton ___ % Coton
Polyester 24% Polyester
Wool 68% Laine

When the fibre content is not known, it may be declared as "100% unknown fibres".

Fibres present in amounts of less than 5%, may be declared by either their generic name or as "other fibre(s)".


97% Cotton / Coton
3% Spandex / Spandex


97% Cotton / Coton
3% Other fibre / Autre fibre


100% Cotton / Coton
Exclusive of elastic / à l'exclusion de l'élastique

Where applicable, the term "exclusive of ornamentation," "exclusive of elastic" or "exclusive of reinforcement" may be used. Refer to the Guide to the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations, or to the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations for further details on ornamentation, trimming, elastic yarns, reinforcement yarns, unknown fibres and narrow fabrics.

2. Dealer identity

Dealer identification is the name and complete postal address or the registered CA identification number of the manufacturer, processor, finisher, importer or retailer. Canadian dealers may purchase a registered CA number from most offices of Industry Canada, Fair Business Practices Branch.

For piece goods, dealer identification may be shown in any of the following ways:


Remnants are short lengths of cloth sold as piece goods. Where remnants of the same fibre content are sold together in a bundle, bale or package, the fibre content information may be affixed to the bundle, bale or package. Where individual remnants of the same fibre content are sold separately, the fibre content information may be posted on a sign in the immediate vicinity.

Dealer identification is not required for remnants.

Quality control

All dealers are responsible for the accuracy of fibre content declarations. Following are suggestions to assist you in meeting this responsibility:

For more detailed information please contact the Information Centre of the Competition Bureau.

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