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The FACT Campaign: Fraud Awareness for Commercial Targets

Criminals know how to appear as organized, courteous and professional as your organization does. Why? Because they know that the secret to fooling a victim is to gain your trust and appear above reproach. It's that apparent legitimacy that makes thousands of organizations fall prey to scams every year, ordering goods,often repeatedly, from fraudulent vendors, and paying invoices for services that are never rendered.

Get the FACTs on Fraud Online at

  • Learn about scam techniques
  • Learn what makes your organization vulnerable
  • Spot phoney invoices and emails
  • Read a telemarketing scam script
  • Read victim stories
  • Learn how to build an anti‑fraud plan
  • Train your front‑line staff
  • Report a possible scam

FRAUD: Recognize it. Report it. Stop it.

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