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Archived — Competition Bureau releases ex-post assessment of the Self-Regulated Professions Study

OTTAWA, September 2, 2011 — The Competition Bureau today released the results of its review of recent developments in certain self-regulated professions to remove unnecessary restrictions on competition. The assessment, entitled "Self-regulated Professions: Post-study Assessment", is now available on the Bureau's Web site.

The Bureau's Post-study Assessment surveys and assesses developments that have taken place relating to recommendations made in the Bureau's 2007 study entitled "Self-regulated Professions — Balancing Competition and Regulation". The original study developed a set of competition principles for self-regulated professions to evaluate current and future regulations, with the objective of ensuring that regulations restrict competition only where needed, and to the extent necessary, to protect the public interest. At the time, the Bureau examined regulations associated with five different professions and, for each profession, the Bureau identified restrictions that could be constraining competition more than necessary. The five professions the Bureau examined were: accountants, lawyers, optometrists, pharmacists and real estate agents. At the time the Professions Study was issued in 2007, the Bureau urged the respective self-regulating bodies for each of these professions to reconsider these restrictions and revise or eliminate any that restrict competition unnecessarily.

This Post-study Assessment provides an overview of the progress made since 2007. The Assessment finds that significant progress has been made towards eliminating unnecessary restrictions on competition within the professions examined. However, the Bureau also concluded that more can be done by these professions' regulatory organizations and the relevant government authorities to ensure that the appropriate balance is struck between competition and regulation.

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

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