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Competition Bureau seeks input from Canadians on potential advocacy initiatives

OTTAWA, September 10, 2013 — The Competition Bureau announced today that it has launched a public consultation seeking the assistance of Canadians to identify sectors of the economy in which the Bureau could play a targeted role in advocating for increased competition.

Regulated sectors represent a significant portion of the Canadian economy. Creating a regulatory environment that promotes competition in these areas could have an immediate and meaningful impact on Canadians. As part of its mandate, the Bureau participates in a wide range of activities to promote and advocate the benefits of a competitive marketplace, both in Canada and abroad. Greater competition generally leads to lower prices for consumers, as well as increased choice and innovation.

This consultation is being undertaken as part of the Bureau's ongoing efforts to promote the benefits of competition. In this role, the Bureau seeks to identify areas where it can advocate in favour of increased competition, and elicit a positive impact on our economy. As such, the Bureau will be incrementally increasing its level of strategic and targeted regulatory interventions in a manner that ensures the most effective use of its resources. As part of this work, the Bureau will consistently advocate that regulators and policy makers regulate only where necessary and that they rely on market forces as much as possible to achieve the benefits of competition. Where market forces are insufficient to achieve certain policy objectives, the Bureau will continue to provide advice to regulators to assist them in implementing policies that achieve their objectives in a minimally intrusive way.

Through the consultation, the Bureau seeks to receive stakeholder input to help identify areas for future advocacy efforts. In assessing potential projects, the Bureau will consider four strategic factors:

  • Will our efforts have clear, tangible benefits for Canadians?
  • Will the Bureau be contributing in a useful way?
  • Does an effective forum exist for the Bureau to present its findings and is there a high level of public interest?
  • Will we be able to gauge the impact of our advocacy efforts?

Members of the public who have views about potential areas in which the Bureau could advocate for increased competition are encouraged to submit their ideas using the Bureau's online Advocacy Suggestion Form. The information received as part of this online consultation will help to identify areas in which the Bureau should focus its attention and resources as they relate to advocacy.

The consultation period will run from September 10, 2013 to November 8, 2013.

The Bureau welcomes all relevant input from the public. Upon completion of the consultation, the Bureau may contact authors of particular comments to clarify and better understand their suggestions. The Bureau will then perform initial research to determine the feasibility of certain suggested projects, and may decide to undertake these projects in the future.

For further details about the Bureau's advocacy efforts, please consult the Bureau's advocacy page.

The Competition Bureau, as an independent law enforcement agency, ensures that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

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