Dating and Romance Scams


Ahh… romance. Ain’t it grand? When love is in the air, everything seems

a bit brighter… and often, people say goodbye to logic and

judgement! You see, Cupid has some cousins… and these

guys are not good guys. Some dating and romance scams work by setting

up dating web sites that make you pay for each email or message

you send and receive. Scammers will then attempt to keep you writing

back, and paying money for the use of the web site.

Even on a legitimate dating site, you might fall in love with a person from a far-away

country who happens to have a very convincing story

about a sick family member. As romance blossoms, the idea of sending them

money to help their situation just happens to pop up.

Others ask you to help them get out of the country they’re living in by sending a large

amount of money. Between the virtual hugs and kisses, they’ll

ask for your banking details… and your bank account – and your heart – will

be broken. When love is in the air… we’re vulnerable.

We want to believe the best about those we communicate with on line or even through letters.

But over and over again, it’s been proven that your romance will end up being all about

your money getting into the hands of someone who is definitely

not… your type. Check web site addresses carefully and make

sure the sites are legitimate. Never send money or give financial information

to anyone. Don’t let Cupid’s cousins break YOUR heart.

With love, from the Competition Bureau of Canada… and the Little Black Book of Scams.

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