Emergency Scams


Of all the scams in the Little Black Book of Scams,

we’re pretty sure that Emergency scams wins the “Most Despicable” prize.

Often targeting grandparents, and playing on their emotions to rob them of money,

scammers phone the innocent senior, claiming to be one of their grandchildren…

and saying, usually with a high level of emotion, that they are in some kind of serious trouble

and need money immediately. Techniques include saying they’ve been in

a car accident or are stuck in a foreign country. To make the scam even more disturbing and

realistic, the grandparent often also receives a call

from a fake police officer or lawyer. All of this is carefully orchestrated by the

scammers who are talented actors, and it’s all designed to get YOU to make

a decision based on emotion, and not logic. Emergency scams are all about stealing money…

and when emotions run high, people too often give out their banking information

or actually go through the process of wiring money to the scammer.

Always ask if the call makes sense… if the person on the phone really behaves

like the relative you know and love. Take the time to call other relatives to verify

the story before doing anything. Protect yourself AND your loved ones from

emergency scams. A message from the Competition Bureau of Canada…

and the Little Black Book of Scams.

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