Health and Medical Scams


When you or a relative isn’t feeling well, or has a serious chronic health condition,

you’d give anything to find a way to make them healthy again.

That’s absolutely natural. Unfortunately, some of the nastiest scammers

in the business prey on your concern, or your desire for a cure –

whether it’s for losing weight, or a “miracle cure” for serious conditions like cancer.

Scammers promise what seem like legitimate alternative medicines and remedies,

and often show you testimonials from supposed patients who have been “cured”.

They’re bogus – and they are a despicable way to exploit people who just want to get

better. Weight loss crooks promise you dramatic weight

loss with little or no effort, usually through the use of pills, patches,

creams, revolutionary exercises or devices, or bizarre diets.

Not only are most of these miracles pure nonsense, many of them can actually put your health

at significant risk. Fake on-line pharmacies offer you drastic

reductions on medicines – and they specialize in ones that you really

can only get with a physician’s prescription. And sometimes, you find it impossible to cancel

the hidden charges that keep coming from "free" trial offers.

Usually, you just lose your money, but if you actually GET the medications,

there’s no guarantee they’re the real thing – which might put your health even

more at isk. Your health is serious business. Health care

has to begin with your health care team – the doctors and nurses and pharmacists licensed

to practice here in Canada. Anybody else… could really hurt you or the

people you love. A message from the Competition Bureau of Canada…

and the Little Black Book of Scams.

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