Small Business Scams


Being a small independent businessperson is a little like setting out on a great voyage

of discovery! It's a big adventure, but you've got to watch

out for scammers, who may try to jump into your boat and snack

on you... in different ways relating to business communications

and the things you need to run your business, too.

For example... W. W. Whaaat?

Because you don't think about it often, the uncertainty around renewing your internet

domain name creates an opportunity for crooks... .. who figure out when you're about to renew,

and tell you they're handling it. Be sure to verify who you are dealing with.

Toner Madness! Finally, from paper clips to accounting services,

there are a ton of bogus companies and services out there that may try to convince you you're

already a regular customer. Beware of pressure, promises, and pompous

people on the phone. It's right here on page 976!:

Fake ads and directory listings are big business for scammers,

who present you with an invoice that looks real... but you don't get what you expect.

Take a really close look -- watch out for scams!

If you're in business, protect your assets. Don't give up your information, get it in

writing, and ask for proof -- every time! Check out The Little Black Book of Scams.

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