Mobile Phone Scams


Hello? Helloooo?

Mobile phones and smart phones are wonderful things.

But they're also magnets for crooks and scammers who love to work through texting or SMS.

Listen: "Hey - the best ringtones ever!!! And they're

Practically free!" Nope. Not always.

You might wind up subscribing to a service that will keep

sending ringtones to you at prices that you won't want to hear about.

Stay with companies you know and trust... or just text "STOP".

"Tell us who won the Stanley Cup in 1921 - and you could win BIG!!"

Uh... no. Trivia contests may seem like fun at first,

but scammers charge high rates or hidden fees for you to participate,

and sometimes make the contest impossible to win.

Final answer? Unless it's a source you trust, stay away.

Here are two more... and they're nasty. Missed call scams are numbers that show up

on your phone when scammers purposely hang up before you can answer.

Calling back could cost you plenty. "Hey it's me... your best friend BOB!!!!"

Text/SMS scams are messages that look like they're from someone you know... but they're

not. BOTH of these can cost you a lot of money

and you get charged premium rates. If you don't know the person or the number...

don't respond. So.... Learn how to put the brakes on phone

scams and avoid fraud. Check out The Little Black Book of Scams.

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