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Bid-rigging, price-fixing and other agreements between competitors — Reporting illegal agreements

It is important to report illegal agreements such as bid-rigging, price-fixing, market allocation or supply restrictions.

Note: We conduct our investigations in private. Subject to certain exceptions, we will keep your identity and the information you provide confidential.

How to report

If you have evidence of wrongdoing

If it relates to bid-rigging and the tendering authority is the federal government

If it relates to bid-rigging and you are the tendering authority

If you believe your employer is involved in an illegal agreement

Information for whistleblowers

A whistleblower is a person who voluntarily provides information to the Competition Bureau about a possible past, present, or future violation of the Competition Act.

Under section 66.1 of the Competition Act, when we provide you with an assurance of confidentiality as a whistleblower, your identity and any information that could reveal your identity becomes confidential and cannot be communicated without your consent.

If you have been (or are) a participant in an illegal agreement

If you are a current or former participant in bid-rigging, price-fixing and other illegal agreements, consider contacting the Bureau as soon as possible. You should also seek legal advice.

Immunity or leniency from prosecution may be available if you:

Incentives for cooperating with an investigation

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