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Anti-fraud promotional materials

Partners are encouraged to use the promotional material below as part of their Fraud Prevention Month activities.

Please note these graphics are available at high resolution for reproducing at your leisure. The Competition Bureau does not carry sufficient quantities for distribution of these products.

To obtain permission to reproduce these graphics for commercial redistribution and/or to obtain a copy, Apply for Crown Copyright Clearance.

Photocopying, digitizing, downloading, printing from the Internet, email forwarding as well as the performance of music, sound and video recordings are all activities subject to copyright.

Copyright in Canada is a matter of federal jurisdiction and is governed by the Canadian Copyright Act. The same copyright rules apply all across Canada. What is permitted or prohibited is the same in every province and territory.

Banner (653x194)

Fraud Prevention Month Banner  140 KB

Button (355x133)

Fraud Prevention Month Web Button  61.9 KB

Posters (11x17)

Twitter content (1200x675)

Facebook content (1200x675)

Instagram content (1000x1000)

LinkedIn content (1200x688)

Fraud Prevention Month LinkedIn content featuring a young woman and the text: “Fraud Prevention Month Recognize, reject and report fraud”  447 KB

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