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2020-2021 Annual Plan: Protecting competition in uncertain times

July 6, 2020

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Message from the Commissioner

The Competition Bureau has always played an essential role in making markets work for Canadians. This year, as the world faces the significant economic impact and uncertainty arising from the COVID‑19 pandemic, the role of competition to empower consumers and drive our economy forward is more important than ever.

This annual plan supports our new Strategic Vision for 2020‑2024, which will guide our efforts to become a world-leading competition agency that is at the forefront of the digital economy and champions a culture of competition for Canada.

First, we will continue to protect Canadians through our core enforcement work with a focus on key sectors of the economy, such as digital services, online marketing, financial services and infrastructure, where competitive markets are more important than ever given the current context. We will remain vigilant against potentially harmful anti-competitive activity, mergers and deceptive conduct. We will use all the tools at our disposal to put a stop to such conduct across Canada. Enhanced intelligence-gathering methods and injunctions will be at the forefront of our efforts to ensure that Canadian consumers and businesses can thrive in the digital economy.

On the advocacy side, we will focus our efforts on the health and telecommunications sectors, two areas that currently matter deeply to Canadians. We will also seize opportunities to promote procompetitive policy-making throughout the economic recovery, by equipping regulators and policymakers with the information needed to drive Canada’s competitiveness.

In addition, I am looking forward to hosting our first virtual Digital Enforcement Summit, which will enhance our effectiveness in the digital economy by exploring new solutions and tools, sharing best practices, and tackling emerging issues with our enforcement partners.

To accomplish all of this, we will ensure that our workforce is healthy, well supported and equipped with the tools it needs to conduct effective and timely work. We will train and develop our workforce to increase digital expertise and recruit people with the diverse skills needed to meet the needs of competition enforcement in the digital era. Investing in our organization and our people remains a top priority for the Bureau as we work to support a fair and equitable digital marketplace for all.

Matthew Boswell
Commissioner of Competition

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