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Learn how we protect and promote competition by: ensuring truth in advertising, investigating cartels, preventing abuse of market power, reviewing mergers as well as our advocacy work and international efforts.


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Ensuring truth in advertising

Promoting truth in advertising by discouraging deceptive business practices and how you can make informed choices.

Investigating cartels

Combatting businesses who agree to act together to fix prices, rig bids, allocate market or restrict supply.

Preventing abuse of market power

Ensuring dominant companies do not exploit their market power or engage in acts that lessen competition.

Reviewing mergers

Conducting reviews of business mergers to ensure they do not substantially lessen or prevent competition.

Advocating for greater competition

Promoting benefits of a competitive and innovative marketplace, in Canada and abroad, for businesses and consumers.

International efforts

Addressing, preventing and prosecuting anti-competitive conduct that crosses borders.

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