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Group buying websites promote featured retailer products or services at discount prices.

Most group buying deals need a minimum number of people to buy into and activate a sale. So, although you may buy the deal, until enough people do the same to reach the targeted number of deals sold, the retailer will not complete the purchase. Once the seller meets the set number of sold deals, the transaction is completed and the consumer can download or print out vouchers or coupons to claim the discount.

Consumers can usually sign up for regular email alerts offering the latest daily or weekly deals.

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Things to consider in online group buying

Before you participate in group buying or snagging a 'deal of the day':

When you purchase a group buy deal, always save or print a copy of the original offer. You may need that information if something goes wrong later and you need to make a complaint.

Options to resolve online group buying offer issues

If you don't get what you paid for when participating in group buying, you have a few options to get your money back.

For tips on how to make a consumer complaint, consult The Complaint Roadmap.

For more information on group buying, visit the Canadian Deals and Coupons Association website.

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